Architecture Management

Be ready
for changes.

IT is becoming more and more mobile, digitalisation is advancing and becoming a constant companion. Thus, the requirements for new IT systems are also constantly increasing. Whether small and medium-sized enterprises or large corporations, success in the implementation of IT system solutions depends on many factors and, above all, on the processes in the company. Therefore, when implementing new architectures, it is important to include the existing business, data, application and technology architecture of the organisation.

Architecture management (AM) is a process that aims to define a blueprint for the future development of the technology considering the service strategy and newly available technologies. A well thought-out, scalable and strategically planned architecture is the basis of any stable and high-performing IT enterprise.

AM encourages and facilitates reusability and helps you to avoid duplication of effort, which will ultimately lead to cost savings. What is more, it helps to align business requirements and processes more effectively. With a better structural overview, it’s much easier to assess how to respond to changes in a digital age.
Cost optimisation through standardisation of technology and processes
Reduction of complexity
Reusability of architecture and solution components
Increased security through a holistic perspective
Well-founded strategic decisions through an up-to-date and consistent Enterprise Architect information base
Closer integration of business processes and IT
More efficient and agile IT by establishing IT governance structures
Long-term structuring and establishment of standards in the enterprise architecture
A maintainable IT system landscape
GOD’s way
GOD belongs to a small group of strategic architecture partners for one of the world's largest automotive manufacturers. For several years, together with a multidisciplinary team of experts, GOD has been creating a group-wide system landscape and ensuring the smooth adaptation of the enterprise architecture.

In order to develop a secure, standardised and maintainable architecture solution for your company, detailed and targeted discussions take place early in the process. With TOGAF® (The Open Group Architecture Framework) expertise, GOD certified employees help businesses to establish an Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and thus sustainably change the organisation and processes in the company. With a complex enterprise architecture in such a large corporation, it is of immense importance to create standardised processes and solution modules. Our TOGAF® specialists analyse complex organisation interaction and fundamentally built processes and IT architecture with that in mind.
These are the cases that best practices of GOD’s Architectural Management were implemented.
We offer
Development of architectural solutions – to integrate new system solutions into the infrastructure or to change existing applications
Control of architectural services
Individual evaluation of architectural solutions
Risk assessment of the enterprise architecture
Technical Project Management in case of infrastructure changes