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Why GOD Bootcamp?

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About the Course

At GOD we do things differently. We also teach differently. Forget your run-off-the-mill course where you watch several videos and learn basic things. This is a 4-month course geared to those interested in real IT challenges and hungry for hardcore learning where development and operations meet.

Master GIT, Linux, Virtualisation, Docker and Kubernetes with hands-on-the-job ready skills. Driven by the PhD candidate of Kaunas University of Technology Romas Vijeikis, in this course you’ll dive into real life DevOps issues and challenges.

After the course you will be able to launch your career into IT field with deep know-how of intricate DevOps topics and skills. And to top it all, you’ll have the opportunity to get all your money back if you decide to stay and work as DevOps in GOD.


After the course you will be able to:

handle basic Linux related tasks.
solve advanced DevOps problems
start the 
Docker module
create and 
run Docker containers
start the Kubernetes module training
effectly work with the Kubernetes documentation
understand basic concepts and controls
qualify as a “Certified Kubernetes Administrator” (CKA) by the Linux Foundation
handle and troubleshoot Git tasks

Program and timetable

Get ready for 4-months long courses covering sessions twice a week for two hours.
Linux (40 hours)
  • Linux basics with focus on practical topics.
  • Real-life projects overview.
Kubernetes. Openshift.
  • Cloud shortcomings and how Kubernetes mitigates parts of it.
  • Entities.
  • Basic high availability features.
  • Detection of common high-level problems.
  • Kubernetes storage.
Testing and quality
  • Static code
  • Test coverage (set up the environment).
  • Vulnerability analysis.
  • Sonarqube
Development focused technologies
  • Open API
  • Programming with Kubernetes operators.
Docker (36 hours)
  • Basic understanding of docker use-cases
  • advantages and shortcomings.
  • Docker-compose basics.
  • Basics of multi-stage builds
  • Git workflows and branches.
  • Merge (conflicts).
  • Handy features.
  • Basic branching strategies.
Configuration/ Infrastructure as code.
  • Terraform
  • Ansible
  • AWS
  • Cloud native
  • Terraform
  • Ansible
  • AWS
  • Cloud native


per batch
Month bootcamp
Theory and practice
Hours training
Theory, practice and mentorship
of accomplishment


1.999 €

Or FREE of charge,
if you join GOD.dev

//Meet your Instructor

Hello, world_

I’m software developer and researcher, passionate about the potential of applied computer vision and cloud solution development.

Formally, PhD candidate with a solid academic background in computer science and control theory with professional experience in cloud service engineering and design, continuous delivery and continuous integration pipelines, IoT, embedded development, simulation design, intelligent urban mobility systems and a strong background in industrial automation.


Who can do it?
You can do it!

This course is for everyone who has a basic understanding of software development and IT. So, JAVA, Linux, command line, networking, protocols and IP addresses and affinity are desirable knowledge before this course, but it’s not the necessity. Of course, you should be generally interested in DevOps related topics.

//Recruitment process

What happens to your application

We currently run our recruitment process fully remotely.

We check your CV
We carefully read every CV we receive. If you meet our requirements, we call you to learn more about your skills and needs.
We check your qualifications
After talking on the phone, it’s time for the technical part of recruitment, during which we can ask you to complete the task related to your position. We always provide feedback after this meeting.
We make an appointment
The next stage is a meeting in one of our offices or online. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the team and work culture from the person who manages the department.
You get the answer
At GOD, we contact every person who was taking part in recruitment process. If we accept your candidacy, we will also send you a list of the next steps.


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Only 3 spots left

Next Bootcamp kicks off

DevOps Bootcamp by GOD.dev