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Dev Bootcamps

Reboot your career and have the chance to get a job straight after the course

About the Courses

At GOD, we have a unique approach to teaching and learning. Say goodbye to ordinary courses where you passively watch videos and acquire basic knowledge. Our intensive 4-month program is designed for individuals who are eager to tackle real IT challenges and crave in-depth learning at the intersection of development and operations.

Upon completion of the course, you'll possess the expertise and comprehensive understanding of complex IT topics and skills, empowering you to launch a successful career in the field. Moreover, if you decide to join GOD, you'll have the incredible opportunity to receive a full refund for the course fee.

DevOps Bootcamp

Become a DevOps Engineer and have the chance to get a job
straight after the course.

COBOL Bootcamp

Revive the past and secure your future with Cobol.
Have the chance to get a job straight after the course.

I’m feeling amazing and excited that I successfully finished this productive DevOps Bootcamp from GOD and I can't wait start working there. So if you are feeling motivated to implement CI/CD processes, please do not hesitate and apply now. Good luck!”
DevOps Bootcamp

If you have a background in IT and the wish to work in software development industry, I really recommend you to take part in GOD DevOps bootcamp!
DevOps Bootcamp

I've just completed the GOD DevOps bootcamp. This has truly been a unique job. Team building that is collaborative and supportive, even though it was remote. Overall, it's definitely transformed my perspective on remote learning.
DevOps Bootcamp

//Recruitment process

What happens to your application

We currently run our recruitment process fully remotely.

We check your CV
We carefully read every CV we receive. If you meet our requirements, we call you to learn more about your skills and needs.
We check your qualifications
After talking on the phone, it’s time for the technical part of recruitment, during which we can ask you to complete the task related to your position. We always provide feedback after this meeting.
We make an appointment
The next stage is a meeting in one of our offices or online. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the team and work culture from the person who manages the department.
You get the answer
At GOD, we contact every person who was taking part in recruitment process. If we accept your candidacy, we will also send you a list of the next steps.
1. February 2023 – 31. May 2023

DevOps Bootcamp

2. September 2023 – 31. January 2024

DevOps Bootcamp

3. Planned for early 2024

Cobol Bootcamp