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Digitizing the inventory

By developing a cloud solution, the inventory of a logistics center became more effective and secure.


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Application Hosting
Data security & protection
Architecture Management

//Tech stack

Angular AWS S3 Lambda VPC
One of the largest logistics centers in Germany operated its inventory manually. This was a very time-consuming, error-prone and resource-intensive job.
GOD developed a cloud solution that systematized the entire inventory count and made the previous manual process obsolete.
A total game changer! The error rate has been drastically reduced, saving time and resources while maintaining the highest security levels.

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From manual to automatic - you’ll never want to go back

How do you upgrade existing IT systems, but at the same time keeping the foundation of the systems stable? Well, you ask GOD.

A major automotive industry manufacturer operated in-house logistics manually, but it just couldn’t answer the challenges of the digital age. With GOD OneLog(SAP) digital solution, the existing system was mapped and upgraded into the modern cloud solution.

It means that now all the inventory is handled through the easy to use web application which interacts directly with the logistics system and this eliminates the errors that happen when manually transferring data from paper to the digital system.

Big win in our book!

Establishing a global Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

By integrating a web-based CIP platform, improvement suggestions can be efficiently collected and implemented in over 100 factories worldwide.

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Automation of production planning for electronic components

By adopting web-based software solution, automotive industry stakeholders solved security issues, raised data record and sped up verification process worldwide.

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Digitizing the hiring of care workers

By implementing cloud-based web application, hiring of nursing staff from abroad has become standardized, systemized and time-efficient process.

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