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Automation of production planning for electronic components

By adopting web-based software solution, automotive industry stakeholders solved security issues, raised data record and sped up verification process worldwide.


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Due to security measures employees of a major automotive industry from different locations had to send documents to Germany, where those had to be entered manually into the system. That was a labour intensive and error prone process.
GOD developed a web-based software that brought all stakeholders worldwide together and allowed them to enter data without granting access to sensitive information.
The new software solution made sending of documents and manual data entry by third parties obsolete. The amount of work was reduced substantially and the quality of the recorded data increased.

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When paper doesn’t cut anymore

A major automotive industry manufacturer operates a system for the development, testing, approval and production planning of electronic components. Due to security measures against the e-discovery and industrial espionage, some locations abroad have no or only limited access to this system.

In order to do justice to the development, testing and approval process, employees at the affected locations must send their information and position names in the form of documents to employees at the German locations, which then have to be entered manually into the system. But as you imagine, this process is extremely labour intensive and error prone.

To solve this, we have developed a web-based software system that allows developers, testers and decision makers in the affected regions to enter their data. This solution allows relevant information to be imported into the group system without granting access to sensitive data meanwhile dynamic validation mechanisms provide user feedback and prevent data collection errors.

The newly established process is more transparent and comprehensible than the previous workaround and the results are obvious – manual work reduced tenfold and the quality of the recorded data is better than ever.

Digitizing the inventory

By developing a cloud solution, the inventory of a logistics center became more effective and secure.

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Establishing a global Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

By integrating a web-based CIP platform, improvement suggestions can be efficiently collected and implemented in over 100 factories worldwide.

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Digitizing the hiring of care workers

By implementing cloud-based web application, hiring of nursing staff from abroad has become standardized, systemized and time-efficient process.

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