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Establishing a global Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

By integrating a web-based CIP platform, improvement suggestions can be efficiently collected and implemented in over 100 factories worldwide.


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JSF TSQL Hibernate REST Spring SQL-Server
World's largest automobile manufacturer lacked a system to submit, monitor and implement manufacturing improvements across 100 different factories. 
GOD developed a web platform that helped establish a group-wide quality suggestions, improvements and evaluation exchange process.
Big success! Not only factories could post suggestions, monitor best practices and evaluate savings, but could also established incentives or the achievement of goals and milestones with the help of the tool.

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Two heads are better than one. What about thousands of heads?

Communication is a challenging beast. Especially when it has to happen between more than 100 factories all over the world with many workers in them.

And not just any communication, but the one that has to drive improvements and breakthroughs for the manufacturing process. But with a touch of GOD, this has become a reality.

The problem for the world’s largest automobile manufacturer was that suggestions for improvement between factories were taking place only to a very limited extent. There was also no overview how much money, water, CO2 emission, etc. were saved by implementing the suggestions.

So, we developed a web-based CIP platform and helped establish a group-wide exchange process. With its help factories can post suggestions for improvement or search for the improvements in other factories by using a keyword search. In other words, the group-wide distribution, implementation of suggestions and savings can be tracked and specifically evaluated.

Also, other processes such as best practices, incentives or the achievement of goals and milestones could be established with the help of the tool.

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