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Digitizing the hiring of care workers

By implementing cloud-based web application, hiring of nursing staff from abroad has become standardized, systemized and time-efficient process.


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Without having digital solution hospitals in Germany suffered paper chaos, long delays in the communication loop and long application process of the nurses from abroad.
GOD developed cloud solution made it child's play to collect applicant data in several languages, translate it and offer it to all German hospitals in a standardized and systematized manner.
The process has become significantly faster and easier. The error rate and the required manual time have been drastically reduced so the nursing staff can now be successfully placed within a few days.

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More nurses through the cloud solution - everyone wins

Nursing care staff are in short supply – in Germany there is a shortage of skilled workers and many training positions remain vacant. Moreover, hospitals in Germany suffer paper chaos, long delays in the communication loop and long application processes of hiring the nurses from countries outside the European Union.

GOD developed cloud solution datenbanken24 turned the situation upside down. Now it is especially easy to collect applicant data in several languages, translate it and offer it to all German hospitals in a standardized and systematized manner. The complete qualification profiles of the applicants, including all associated multimedia documents, are entered worldwide (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Philippines, Tunisia) and after processing by the professional association, are released for inspection by German companies and institutes.

It means that the hospitals in Germany, the skilled workers themselves and their countries of origin benefit from this solution in a big way and nursing staff can be placed inside hospitals much quicker than before.

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