Third-Party Management

In need of third-parties, but no headache?

Running a business today is unimaginable without third-party vendors. They provide professional services and products, which bring additional value to the customers. But IT projects with a large number of service partners are often not very transparent and incur high costs.

Developing a strategy for optimizing third party relationships is essential, as is knowing the third parties one deals with. To minimize the impact of third-party risks on business performance we are making sure that that third parties not only comply with regulations, but also protect confidential IT information, handle disruptions effectively, and sustain high quality and performance levels.
GOD’s way
With flexible third-party management, GOD offers you consistent quality management for all services. Whether it is for recruitment and commissioning, or for contracts, management, controlling or billing, with GOD third-party management you systematically maximise potential!
Best cases where our Third-Party Management expertise came into play.
We offer
More legal security (e.g., with regard to fake self-employment)
Standardised procurement processes
Standardised recruitment selection
Avoidance of chain business
Monitoring agreed SLAs and KPIs
Transparency through customised reports