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Automatization of the Advance Shipping Notice

By implementing automated software solution, logistic dispatchers massively reduced the maintenance of carriers' management.


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Maven Angular Hibernate Spring Oracle Database Java 8 Docker Container Gatling Karma Jasmine
The management of carriers is extremely resource intensive process: more than 60k vehicles are managed and allocated every day and all the calculations must be handled in number of different spreadsheets.
GOD established a global tailor-made software process that basically converted the entire manual work into an automated solution.

Now the dispatchers can simply monitor the process with ease and only intervene in case of an emergency.
Big success! After implementing the solution,  the whole process has become better, faster, cheaper and less error-prone compared to the past.

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Making it easier with going digital

For the major automotive manufacturer, the management of carriers is resource intensive process. Approximately 60 thousand vehicles have to be allocated and routed daily and, before GOD solution, it was all done with Excel spreadsheets and paper calculation forms. Imagine the pain and chaos…

What we did was automated the process with tailor-made software. With a touch of Java, Oracle Database and Docker we allowed dispatchers to monitor and change the routes of the carriers online without any need for spreadsheets and piles of paper.

For the client it meant less paper work, reduction of errors, faster, better and cheaper process, because now approximately 70% less dispatchers are needed on duty.

Digitizing the inventory

By developing a cloud solution, the inventory of a logistics center became more effective and secure.

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Establishing a global Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

By integrating a web-based CIP platform, improvement suggestions can be efficiently collected and implemented in over 100 factories worldwide.

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Automation of production planning for electronic components

By adopting web-based software solution, automotive industry stakeholders solved security issues, raised data record and sped up verification process worldwide.

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