Requirements Management

Clear your way
to success.

Because you certainly can. One just has to dig in into our requirement management.

Requirements management is the process of ensuring that your organization validates and meets the needs of its customers and stakeholders. It’s a principle for analyzing, prioritizing and documenting requirements.

Having ill-defined requirements can result in project delays, huge costs, half-baked security decisions and overall poor product quality. On the other hand, with the right requirements management, you can streamline software development and accelerate its deployment.

Concise, error-free and clearly defined requirements or goals help development teams to detect errors early, prevent project risks, reduce project costs and lead to successful results.
Reduced or prevented risks
Saved costs
Improved quality control
Accelerated deployment time
GOD’s way
Our experts cooperate with the process specialists in your company and look at common user practices. The specifications, requirements and user stories created in this way then serve as the basis for the technical concept.

We work with simulated screen views for the best possible coordination of all involved parties, mainly company’s specialists and users of the final product.

Domain models and user cases are developed using proven methods and documented using UML as the formal description language.
These are the cases that best practices of GOD’s Requirements Management were implemented.
We offer
Holistic requirements determination based on different sources
Reconciliation and consolidation of requirements
Management and prioritisation of requirements, including the documentation of changes
Development of suggested solutions
On-site support
Highest quality standards in implementation