Test & Quality Assurance

Do you love surprises?

We don’t... Actually, we hate them. You should too, especially when it comes to software development and building IT systems.

Why? Because it means that not everything is working as intended and it shows that the product is not the highest possible quality for your customers. And this is where Testing and Quality assurance comes in – it’s the techniques used to prevent issues with software and ensure great user experience.

In order to make sure the released software is safe and functions as expected it must comply with functional requirements and design specifications, meaning, its features, performance and ease of use. What’s also important, is code’s maintainability, efficiency, simplicity and security. In other words, software quality is as important as the actual software product. It determines how well it will evolve, how heavy maintenance will be, or simply if it will be accepted.
GOD’s way
We ensure the quality of an IT system starting with the first requirement, then going through system design and ending with deployment.

Based on agreed metrics, we monitor the development process with foresight and recommend corrective measures for improvement in the event of qualitative deviations.

Continuous reporting ensures that Project Managers in charge of KPIs receive reliable risk reports and recommendations as the basis of decision making. At agreed intervals, GOD Test Managers produce reports on project progress, costs, risks and the current level of maturity of the tested systems with all necessary parameters.
Practical examples where the best practices of GOD’s Test & Quality Assurance were implemented.
We offer
Test management and test planning
Individually coordinated and KPI-driven test processes
UNIT and component tests at a module level
Integration test of all involved modules and interfaces
UI tests
System tests in as close as possible to the customer's production environment
Testing of functional and non-functional requirements using the ANTS Performance Profiler, JMeter or YourKit Java Profiler
Analysis and continuous improvement processes.
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