Infrastructure as code

Start with
efficiency in mind.

When deciding on a cloud infrastructure, companies should consider right at the start, how the cloud environment can be used optimally. The goal should be to achieve maximum efficiency through automation. And AWS Cloud offers the best conditions for this with Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) means programmable infrastructure. In this methodology, scripts are developed with a scripting or higher programming language to manage the configuration and automate the infrastructure. To ensure quality, proven methods that are established in application development are already used here, e.g., version controls, tests, small deployments or the use of design patterns.

In short, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the development of programmes to automate the provisioning and management of your servers.

The cloud specialists at GOD use Kubernetes for this purpose. This system’s main purpose is to optimise the use of the IT infrastructure. At the same time, it must ensure that the containerised workloads are scaled and available as needed. Kubernetes uses the strengths of containerisation for this purpose and offers a platform for easy deployment and management.
We offer
Customizable infrastructure for each need
Fast delivery from commits to deployment
Scalable on demand
Improved Collaboration
Standardized approach
High availability

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