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Infrastructure as code
in AWS Cloud

IT infrastructure should be simpler to automate. Working with AWS cloud we at GOD are implementing a method of describing IT infrastructure using the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) methodology.

All businesses aim to make the best use of cloud infrastructure available. We have come to the conclusion that Kubernetes is better suited for this. Kubernetes’ job is to make the most efficient use of your infrastructure whilst ensuring that your containerized workloads are available and can scale as needed. Kubernetes takes all the great strengths behind containerization and provides a platform for deploying and managing them with greater ease.

Infrastructure as code (IaC), or programmable infrastructure, means writing code (which can be done using a high-level language or any descriptive language) to manage configurations and automate the provisioning of infrastructure in addition to deployments. This is not simply writing scripts but involves using tested and proven software development practices that are already being used in application development. For example, version control, testing, small deployments, use of design patterns, etc. In short, this means you write code to provision and manage your server, in addition to automating processes.

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How do you benefit?

  • Customizable infrastructure for each dev needs!
  • Fast delivery from commits to deployment
  • Scalable on demand
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Failsafe
  • Standardized approach
  • High availability

Use the strength of AWS for your software production!