Dedicated Development Teams

Say bye to hiring and managing engineers

Bring in and integrate new resources into your business within weeks. Our dedicated software development teams seamlessly blend with your in-house teams as if they were on-site employees.

We offer dedicated development teams, where all of our developers have experience in internal projects and work from our TISAX certified rooms.
Access to talent
Price efficiency
Rapid scaling
Hassle-free HR and recruitment
GOD’s way
We offer Development Teams in various sizes. The service is delivered by a team that can be located either in our German offices in Wolfsburg or Brunswick or in our nearshore location in Wroclaw.

You can choose to have management (Project Manager, Requirements Engineer, Account Manager) in Germany and implementation in Poland. But we are ready to adjust our teams and locations to make it as optimal as possible. Our (proxy) Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Project Managers as well as additional experts can be included both offsite and nearshore.
Building the teams
When putting together our agile teams, we use the cross-functional team model as a guide. In contrast to the classic multi-disciplinary teams, consisting of different 'experts' with dedicated expert knowledge, we make sure to train our developers to become generalists with one or more focal points. This has several advantages. On the one hand, lack of competences in the team can be compensated much more easily, on the other hand, it is much easier for the team to jointly take responsibility for their tasks if every team member is able to complete most of the tasks, or at least to support performing them.


Multi-disciplinary Team


Cross-functional Team
The know-how of Dev Teams:
Cloud AWS, Azure
Java, .NET, Angular, DB
COBOL/Mainframe Services
Enterprise App Development

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