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Configuring the electromobility​

We converted vehicle development and production into smart, centralised and digital process.


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Spring Boot Spring Security Spring Data (JDBC) Spring Cloud REST Maven
With the advance of electromobility, a new generation of centralised electronic control units (ECUs) is now responsible for all the functions in the vehicle, thus the complete configuration management for the vehicle electronics must be reinitialised.
GOD developed configuration management system enables to create digital statuses of all vehicle control units and evaluate them in the development. It ensures not only that complex internal dependencies are working smoothly, but they remain maintainable and have no unwanted cross-effects.
Thanks to our solution, a function-oriented view of the vehicle is now possible and allows flashing lights, measuring the outside temperature, braking, etc. to be assigned to the centralised control units in the vehicle.

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Driving automotive into future

With the advance of electromobility, digitalisation is also increasingly finding its way into the car. The car is developing more and more into a fully functional computer and this demands completely new approaches from development and production.

For a leading global automotive manufacturer, the challenge was not only to be able to configure a completely new IT system landscape with significantly more complex internal dependencies, but also to ensure that the configurations remained maintainable. In addition, it had to be ensured that there were no unwanted cross-effects, even if components change when new versions are installed.

GOD developed flexible and smart solutions that helped them to view automobiles from the function-oriented point of view and tackle all challenges of centralised control.

Digitizing the inventory

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