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Establishment of a global connected-cars system

Thanks to the standardisation of data processing, connected-cars projects can now be realised cost-efficiently all over the world.


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Spring Boot Spring Security Spring Data (JDBC) Spring Cloud REST Maven
Connected-cars need to process safety-relevant data within seconds. The problem was that across the group’s different brands, these processes were solved by individual systems which result in exorbitantly expensive operations.
GOD developed a modular middleware software architecture on a central cloud.

The new microservice architecture allowed connected-cars to communicate with the system globally, efficiently, quickly and directly due to its flexible nature.
A total breakthrough for the entire group. The new middleware solution and the centralization of the system eliminated huge maintenance and upkeep costs.

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Handling crucial data with no delays

You press the button, the car unlocks and its lights start to shine – sound easy and ordinary. But in order for it to happen, verification of the right owner and approval of the process has to ensured within seconds. Flawlessly.

Throughout the group of the major automotive manufacturer this task has been taken on by individual solutions from the respective brands so it was not uniform and expensive.

To tackle these challenges, we have developed a new modular middleware on the central cloud that brought all the stakeholders under one roof. Enormous amounts of data had to be ported through existing inventory systems without the customer noticing and the new system had to communicate with connected-cars efficiently all over the world.

What was the result? New system replaced the old ones, maintenance and upkeep cost were abolished and, most importantly, solution does what its supposed to do – communicate with connected-cars quickly, directly and without flaws.

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