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Creating a In-car on demand shopping experience

Thanks to a new remote control shopping function, the end consumer can easily add additional car features with the push of a button.


Architecture Management
In order to get additional car features, the driver had to visit a car service centre that had carried out the upgrade via a special control unit.
We have developed the technical architecture that allows the user to purchase additional functions via a remote control without having to visit a third party.
This not only increased the experience, but also made the whole process leaner and thus cheaper.

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Function on demand

Let’s say you’re driving in your electric car and decide that you want to have more functions in it, what will you do? Probably, you’ll call your car service, book the time, visit the centre and then get your vehicle upgrade. Sounds like a bit of a hassle, right?

Well, we have created a remote-control function that enables the user to buy and activate additional functions of their electric car at the push of a button without any need to visit service centres. You just choose the functions you want to be added to your car and they are enabled directly in the car.

For the client it was a game changer, because it simplified business process and made it more convenient, faster and easier. And the end user had nor longer to go to the workshop to have features activated there via a control unit, so more time to do what he wants and no money spent for third-parties.

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