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Putting smart-home into the cloud​

We lifted all home systems into the cloud so heating, ventilation and air-conditioning can be controlled via the phone.


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Enterprise Software Development

//Tech stack

Spring Boot AWS IoT Core AWS Cognito Amazon RDS Angular Node.js
The manufacturer of home heating control and automation wanted a better streamlined and easier-to-use cloud-based app that controlled a variety of devices using a mobile app.
GOD has orchestrated and adapted all the necessary AWS services and supplemented them with AWS Lambda programming so that each home device has a digital representation in the cloud as an IoT (Internet of Things) and is available on the app for display and control.
Lifting all home systems into the cloud made using them convenient and easy to control. It made all the stockholders and especially the final user very.

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Turning Industry 1.0 into 4.0

Controlling your house functions – heating, ventilation, lights or air conditioning – is now not a thing seen only in movies or ads, but a reality. A reality that GOD helped to build.

The goal was to control a variety of home devices in the cloud, using a mobile phone app. The manufacturer of home automation and heating control provided the software on the hardware, such as the heating control, another company created the app and we needed to connect both via the cloud.

Lifting all the systems into the cloud made using them convenient and easy to control, it made all the stockholders happy and everybody, especially, the final user won in the end. And, let’s be honest, how cool is that you can control your home from your mobile phone?

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