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Test & Quality Assurance

Intensive testing for the highest standards

GOD ensures the quality of an IT system over the entire system development process.

This includes all phases from the first requirement development, through system design and system development to deployment.

Based on agreed metrics, we monitor the development process with foresight and recommend corrective measures for improvement in the event of qualitative deviations.

Continuous reporting ensures that Project Managers in charge of KPIs receive reliable risk reports and recommendations as the basis of decision making. At agreed intervals, GOD Test Managers produce reports on project progress, costs, risks and the current level of maturity of the tested systems with all necessary parameters.


We offer

  • Test Management / Test Planning
    An individually coordinated and always transparent roadmap stands at the beginning of every project. It enables an efficient, KPI-driven test process.
  • Testing levels
    Detecting and eliminating errors early during the development of a system saves time and money. This test is carried out according to agreed rules and is comprehensively documented. Appropriate techniques and tools are used in the respective phases to ensure the most efficient testing possible.
    • UNIT tests / component tests at module level
    • Integration test – The integration test checks the interaction of all involved modules and interfaces.
    • UI tests – If necessary, we develop UI tests - for example QF-Test is used here
    • System tests – During the system test, all functions and requirements of the system are tested again in detail. These tests are carried out by our own test department. We use a test environment that comes as close as possible to the customer's production environment.
  • Testing of functional and non-functional requirements
    To ensure the quality of a system, it is not enough to just test the functional requirements. It also requires testing on a non-functional level. For example, to ensure optimal application performance, performance tests and load tests are carried out at an early stage after the selection of the appropriate architecture. Here we use e.g. the ANTS Performance Profiler, JMeter or YourKit Java Profiler.
  • Continuous improvement process
    We achieve optimisation, efficiency increase and cost savings after a thorough analysis. Using key figures, we show potential for improvement and present suggestions for improvement. After an improvement has been introduced, regular audits scan the process again for weaknesses.