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Requirements Management

Success is a question of definition…

…in the truest sense of the word: clearly defined requirements and project goals lead to successful results.

That is why our experts cooperate with the process specialists in your company and look over the users' shoulders to observe their work. This creates a common understanding of new solutions for clients, process owners and users and increases acceptance of the new system. The specifications, requirements and user stories created in this way then serve as the basis for the technical concept.

GOD works with simulated screen views for the best possible coordination of all involved parties. Domain models and user cases are developed using proven methods. We use UML as the formal description language.


We offer

  • Holistic requirements determination based on different sources
  • Documentation
  • Reconciliation and consolidation of requirements
  • Management and prioritisation of requirements, including the documentation of changes
  • Development of suggested solutions
  • On-site support
  • Highest quality standards in implementation