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Mobile solution for the files of the future

Paper in the office is almost a thing of the past. The call for simplification is becoming more urgent, because documents often have to be kept for up to ten years and this involves costs. When it comes to storing documents, digitalisation saves time, space and costs. In addition, the e-file significantly reduces the carbon footprint, since less paper is produced or printed.

For the world's largest automotive manufacturer, we enable the digitalisation of documents with the SAPUI5 application on a tablet, at the same time significantly reducing the amount of paper in plant maintenance and making every day work in the factory more mobile. Up until now, the defects in plant maintenance were all recorded manually on paper and transferred to a SAP system by a specialist.

Mobile solution for plant maintenance: SAPUI5 with a smart user interface

Our job is to make maintenance personnel more mobile by having an app available on a tablet. The maintenance staff can then enter the defects in the application, including pictures, directly on site. The application enjoys the advantages of the “responsive design” - enabled SAPUI5, the new approach of SAP to graphic interfaces. The data entered in the app are then synchronised with SAP on the server and stored in the databases.

The new mobile work routine of a maintenance engineer thanks to the tablet app:

The maintenance engineer initially starts with his worklist. When logging on to the tablet, this is loaded into the application in a personalised manner. This means that he only sees his worklist, i.e. only the maintenance orders currently assigned to him. Now he has the opportunity to work through the list selected for the day. To do this, he selects one of these tasks by pressing the touchscreen and thus arrives in the inspection assistant.

The selected order is now blocked for all other colleagues and is displayed in the worklist as "In progress". The inspection wizard now loads the individual work steps, which differ in quantitative features- i.e. measurement of the inspected installations - and qualitative inspection features - i.e. visual inspection. The original device functions can be used for the visual inspection. This makes it possible, for example, to document the damage to the installation using the tablet camera.

„The application can function completely dynamically and it can display the existing number of characteristics. This is important with regard to the dynamics of the maintenance plans and the different inspection characteristics of the maintenance orders”

explains Jörg Unthan, Head of SAP Consulting Solutions.


How do you benefit?

  • Processes are standardised and made audit-proof
  • Sustainable cost and time optimization through standardisation
  • Improved user-friendliness through the establishment of modern user interfaces and user experiences
  • Sustainability: Less paper, lower carbon footprint

Digitalise your company looking into the future with mobile SAP solutions.