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Qualified and satisfied employees are worth their weight in gold

Dedicated and qualified employees are a huge contributing factor for the future and competitiveness of any business. Due to the pervasive shortage of skilled workers and digitalisation, structured and professional qualification management is becoming more and more important for the success of a company - regardless of its size.

GOD has developed an organizational tool for the sales support unit of the world's largest automotive manufacturer to support professional personnel qualification and management. Easily and transparently accessible via two web interfaces, qualifications can be mapped, organised and monitored based on specifications.

Wolfsburg, Hanover, Ingolstadt - GOD wins the brands of the world's largest automotive manufacturer

The sales support unit of the world's largest automotive manufacturer has been using the advantages of this organisational tool since 2005: each side - the qualifier and the person to be qualified - has its own web interface in order to be able to respond individually to the respective needs and to provide targeted information as well as to monitor the process. The clear web application is used by the training specialists of the four brands and by the partners responsible for qualification and their employees in the car dealerships.

Intuitive and well organised: Every employee knows what they need to know

The conceptual approach is ingenious, yet simple: The training administrator equips the system with his specified qualification standards for the respective field of activity of the employees to be qualified. The organisation tool breaks down the information automatically and clearly for everyone into the role of the individual employee and provides a binding outline of their qualification path.

This enables the training officers of the four brands and the partners responsible for qualification to quickly, conveniently, anywhere and at any time, view the level of training of each of its 110,000 external specialists via the traffic light system and to organise and monitor to the level of each expert.

„With the organisational platform that has grown over the years, we can benefit from our experience. We have mastered the challenges in terms of complexity regarding technological interfaces as well as the protection of a large number of personal data that came to us with the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018. In addition, we can respond individually and flexibly to the respective wishes of the customer - as the cooperation with the four brands proves”

explains Igor Krahne, Managing Director & Business Unit Manager Software Design / Development.


How do you benefit?

  • Cost reduction and increased efficiency through better organisation and targeted monitoring of the qualification measures of your employees.
  • Support for HR managers through long-term and sustainable organisation in personnel qualification.
  • Relief from routine tasks: clear documentation and automated processes.
  • Meaningful reports can be created flexibly and quickly.
  • Digitalised training manuals and documents are available centrally for participants.
  • Adaptable to the requirements of the respective company.

Awaken the potential of your employees with efficient qualification organisation, because having good personnel pays off!