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Mobile solutions for vehicle shipping

Everyone has seen them rush past on the freeway or in freight traffic on the rails: white-cloaked, brand new vehicles. Whether on land, on water or even in the air, vehicle shipping is also subject to digital change in order to be even more mobile, flexible and faster for customers.

We have converted digitally and mobile for the world's largest automotive manufacturer: the outdated Windows CE has been replaced by a mobile app for Android and iOS.

Identification and localisation of vehicles via the mobile app

Cross-brand vehicles are transported from one place to another or relocated to parking spaces within the vehicle shipping department of the world's largest automotive manufacturer. In order to identify and locate the vehicles, barcodes or QR codes must be scanned, which is carried out by responsible personnel at specific times during the vehicle shipment.

Windows CE HDT hand-held data terminals have been used so far to record vehicle movements. The new mobile app now replaces this and enables barcodes or QR codes to be scanned directly on site via mobile phone or tablet. The app was created with a variety of views based on Ionic Cordova Frameworks (cross platform) using the Android Studio development environment.

„With the push of a button, the app can be used to generate complete and always up-to-date documentation and impact analysis for change requests. With our app, vehicle shipping has become more audit-proof and allows customers to avoid disappointments”

explains Igor Krahne, Business Unit Manager Enterprise App Development.


How do you benefit?

  • Transparency of a mobile app creates the prerequisites for realistic cost estimates and avoidance of risks.
  • New employees can quickly familiarise themselves with an uncomplicated user interface.
  • Long-term and sustainable time and cost savings through increased mobility
  • Directly available for employees or customers
  • Customer loyalty through branding

Whether desktop, cell phone or tablet - we code your solution!