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Into the cloud – Lift & Shift

GOD helps to quickly turn Industry 1.0 into Industry 4.0. We lift your systems into the cloud and advise you comprehensively on the way to smarter products or devices. With cloud consulting and cloud migration solutions, we also supported a manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning units in Salzgitter.
The way into the cloud: control heating, ventilation and air-conditioning devices via mobile phone

The manufacturer of home automation and heating control decided to offer its OEM partners (Original Equipment Manufacturers) added value through a better structured and easier-to-use app. The app should have been based on a cloud solution – as far as the requirements are concerned.

The goal is to control a variety of devices in the cloud, using a mobile phone app. The manufacturer of home automation and heating control provides the software on the hardware, such as the heating control, another company creates the app and we connect both via the cloud. AWS (Amazon Webservice) is used as the cloud. Each of the devices: each heater, each door window contact, each socket or motion detector has a digital representation in the cloud - as an IoT - an Internet of Things!

The data, such as current temperature, desired temperature or door open / closed, are saved on the IoT and made available on the app for display.

Orchestration of the AWS services and technology stack

GOD has orchestrated and adapted all the necessary AWS services and supplemented them with AWS Lambda programming. The technology stack consists of a REST-API, which we provide for the app, of Javascript-Lambda, noSQL databases, MQTT and HTTPS protocols. Another important point about the cloud is the form of provisioning:

“As GOD, we have ensured that the customer can build its cloud in a quality-assured manner for different OEM partners almost at the push of a button. A complete Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipeline with different stages and tests is created automatically. For this purpose the latest technologies, such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) were used”

explains Matthias Gramm, project manager for the Cloud Consulting & Solutions division.


What's in it for you?

  • Complete cloud solution including consulting, migration, managed cloud and the app.
  • We take over the migration of historically grown legacy applications to the cloud without any performance or data loss.
  • Sustainable cost, time and resource optimisation.
  • High performance and therefore user-friendly.
  • Sustainability of applications and higher quality through automation.
  • Security through governance and transparency.
  • Demand-oriented, flexible scalability.

Do you also aim high? We lift your systems into the cloud!