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Automated backup planning

datenbanken24 - a cloud service from GOD since July 2017 - has also been a project partner of a federally owned railway group since 2017. The production planning department in the Berlin district, which is also responsible for planning construction site safety in train stations and routes, needed a digital and automated process for safety planning.

Productivity increase with

Construction site safety planning is based on three different versions of a six- to twelve-page forms, which is supplemented with sketches and planning graphics. Various internal and external specialists from construction companies, safety companies and security monitoring companies are also involved in the process. So far, the paper forms have always been printed out, filled in, signed, scanned, sent, printed out, filled out, signed, etc. - repeated up to nine times.

Today, the forms are recorded, processed and electronically signed using multi-factor authentication in the cloud in a database24 view. The database24-Push-Token-Service is used to generate advanced electronic signatures according to EU Regulation 910/2014 (replaces the German SigG) for the workflow steps. The output format of the safety planning form is a PDF document, which contains all data and printed signatures with a time stamp as well as all added sketches and planning graphics.

„With the use of datenbanken24, the work processes could be significantly improved and accelerated. In this way, GOD also makes the construction sites around Berlin safer and ensures that due to faster safety planning there is no additional delay”

explains Matthias Gramm, responsible for


The advantages:

  • Increase in quality and productivity in safety planning
  • Transparency of the running processes and quick determination of the cause of issues
  • Long-term structuring and establishment of standards
  • Sustainable cost optimisation through standardisation

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