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GOD is known for Best Practise Enterprise IT. We are one of the leading providers of customised enterprise software solutions; especially for companies with complex supply chains and production processes. 

At GOD, we are hands-on and constantly aim to evolve so that we can deliver the best possible service to our customers.  

One of our principles is continuous exchange. GOD project teams are organised in an agile approach and work closely together throughout the entire project. 

Ready for the next level? 

  • Deliver DevOps training and guidance to the pre-selected number of students
  • Create/update and execute PowerPoint displays relevant to the preparation
  • Give the students a demo session
  • Manage students’ sessions of doubt or demand 
  • Prepare quizzes, projects, activities, and tests for homework
  • Advisor for student resume development
  • Defined and admitted “Lifelong learning” is life style
  • Desirable 5+ years of experience (proven by records) as a DevOps Instructor and/or as a DevOps engineer with proficient comprehension of DevOps philosophy, principles and values
  • Essential requirements: 

    • Linux
    • GIT
    • containerisation (Docker, Podman)
    • containers orchestration (Kubernetes, OpenShift)
    • CI/CD (Jenkins, GitLab, Github actions)
    • IaC (Ansible, Terraform)
    • Monitoring and observability (Grafana, Prometheus, AlertManager) 
    • Security and vulnerabilities (SonarQube)
    • Basic Knowledge of Software Development in Java (Spring, Maven, Gradle)
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite including Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Experience in industry-led or community-based applied science is an advantage
  • Illustrated use of current technology to support student learning and graduation preparation
  • Work experience in intercultural and fast changing environment
What we offer:
  • Interesting, international projects
  • Nice colleagues and a pleasant working environment
  • Independent, responsible work
  • “Training on the job”
  • Flexible working hours, home office
  • Performance-related remuneration
About GOD

We have been providing answers to technically complex questions since 1985 and we continue to grow.  

Our goal: accelerating the digital transformation and doing so as one of the largest IT service providers in Germany.  

As a full-service IT provider, we serve all phases of the software life cycle and meet a wide range of requirements, from the development of highly complex enterprise applications, to the planning and implementation of demanding IT projects, to the assumption of application support across all service levels.  

Sure, nobody is perfect, but we seek exchange and have the courage to work on ourselves as well.   

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